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What is the problem the startup is solving?

Brewed Leaf is a new age tea brand. We believe in redefining how tea is being produced in the country and the world. What we do is gather the freshest leaves from your favorite tea estates from the east and spread the freshness across the globe. It takes between 10-15 weeks for tea, once produced, to reach the consumer. No one seems to have stopped to ask why, or attempt a more efficient system. We chose to ask questions. We did away with the long supply chain, reducing it from five stages to two. We have become the single link between producers and a global consumer base. The happy consequence is a better price for a much better tea. The main issue that we are addressing is the fact that not too many companies or organizations are working towards redesigning this process of tea production. We want to bring a change because we believe that everyone is entitled to enjoy freshness and a promise of health with every sip of their tea. Since tea is an indispensable part of our culture that we have come to adore, it is only right to share that love and appreciation with everyone. What’s your preference? Darjeeling tea, Assam tea, imported tea or anything else? Don’t fret because we got your preference covered! 

How does your startup propose to solve this problem?

One thing that Brewed Leaf is not afraid of promising is Quality. Our leaves are hand-picked by experts from boutique tea estates from the best tea-producing parts of India. From the actual tea to the elite packaging, we believe that handmade is best made. Also, you can trust us with the best Quality controls to give you the healthiest and the freshest cup of tea your heart will ever long for. At Brewed Leaf, we bring you the freshness of tea directly from the Tea gardens to your cup! Our tea comes from the gardens and then tasted by our very own expert tea tasters with avid experience in the field. The tea is then selected on the basis of the taste analysis, covered in handmade packaging and sent to our warehouses. From here, the tea makes its journey to the consumers, whose satisfaction is our goal. We want to reduce the production time and preserve the freshness of the tea gardens until the very end, which is a consumer’s cup. William A. Foster once said, “Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.” We believe that our product quality speaks for itself and it shows just how much efforts we are willing to put to change the dynamics of the tea industry in the world. 

What is the uniqueness of your solution?

We believe that a fresh cup of brewed tea when made with love, has the power to revitalize the human spirit; enhance the mind and bring balance to the soul. When one wakes up in the morning, comes back tired from work or even wants to sit leisurely and watch the sunset, the heart craves for something fresh that can not only soothe one’s palate, but also rejuvenate the soul. We want that something to be a cup of tea, because be it the rich or the poor, everyone enjoys a cup of tea. Another important thing that sets us apart is our varied range of products. From regular Assam Tea to elite blends like Blue Tea and Matcha Green Tea, we want to cater to every single variant of the tea drinking population out there.