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As Indians, Tea is not just tea… its Chaiiii…. And we want to share our love for this beverage with the world.

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I’m not an expert in tea but I know what i like. Brewed leaf is the place to have all variety of extraordinary premium tea under the same roof. Simply amazing taste and aroma.Highly recommend!

Aakriti Gupta

Very interesting variety of flavours, natural aroma and taste, and refreshing, that's what I felt about your tea when I tasted it. I even recommended it to my closed ones and they are loving it too. The aroma is so soothing. Definitely try it out!!

Gurpreet Saluja

How wonderful your selection of teas are, fresh & ready to be steeped Every hot cup of tea takes me away into a different realm, and I get to relax and think of creative things and places to go while enjoying every sip.

Pravesh Goyal

I have tasted the Teas of Brewed Leaf and I must say, all of the Teas are just fantastic!! Unbelievably blended and mastered varieties... though I'm not a pro about Tea but these Teas of Brewed Leaf I can confidently refer anyone. The best Teas I've ever tasted.

Parna Nandi Sen

Founder's Note

The Idea behind brewed leaf

At Brewed Leaf, we bring you the freshness of tea directly from the Tea gardens to your cup! Our tea comes from the gardens and then tasted by our very own expert tea tasters with avid experience in the field. 

From the most loved Darjeeling Tea to Imported ones, we have a range of products to choose from. If you love tea as much as we do, go ahead and have your pick from our shelves!

What Is Brewed Leaf?

Brewed Leaf is a new age Tea Brand. We believe in redefining how tea is being produced in the country and the world. What we do is gather the freshest leaves from your favorite tea estates from the east and spread the freshness across the globe. What’s your preference? Darjeeling tea, Assam tea, imported tea or anything else? Don’t fret because we got your preference covered!

What Does Tea Mean To Us?

As Indians, Tea is not just tea… its Chaiiii…. And we want to share our love for this beverage with the world. It can be the comfort you indulge in after a tiring day at work, or be just a luxurious me-time retreat. Tea is personal, so its meaning remains fluid.

Why Was Brewed Leaf Founded?

We believe that a fresh cup of brewed tea when made with love has the power to revitalize the human spirit. Enhance the mind and bring balance to the soul.

Why We Do, What We Do?

It’s simple - We do it for the love of it. We love tea just like the entire population of our diverse country and we do believe that providing diverse types of tea to this lot at high Quality is a necessity. To share this love with the rest of the world is our dream.

How Do We Keep Our Promise?

One thing that Brewed Leaf is not afraid of promising is Quality. Our leaves are hand-picked by experts from boutique tea estates from the best tea-producing parts of India. From the actual tea to the elite packaging, we believe that handmade is best made. Also, you can trust us with the best Quality controls to give you the freshest tea – from garden to your cup.

My Favourite tea: Brewed Leaf 7 Spice Masala CTC.
Here Is my Cupon Code from you to try my Favourite: BLLC15 to get 15% off on your First Purchase

Brewed Leaf Pure Mint Tea - Brewedleaf
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Brewed Leaf Pure Mint Tea
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