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Tea Man

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As Indians, tea is not just tea… its 'Chaiii'. We want to share our love for this beverage with the world. It can be the comfort you indulge in after a tiring day at work, or be just a luxurious me-time retreat. Tea is personal, so its meaning remains fluid. One thing that Brewed Leaf is not afraid of promising is Quality. Our leaves are hand-picked by experts from boutique tea estates from the best tea- producing parts of India. From the actual tea to the elite packaging, we believe that handmade is best made. Also, you can trust us with the best Quality controls to give you the freshest tea – from Plantation directly to your Cup.

Franchise Opportunity

Our Brand 'Tea Man' is offering for franchise all over the country / 'Tea Man' is focusing on 'Empowering Women' / All of the Staffs shall be Women only, who need employment to become independent / 1% of total profit to be donated to an NGO who are working on Women empowerment / Out of the box franchise model / Franchise Owned Company Operated (FOCO Model) / Low Investment / Less Space Required / Economic & Ease of Access for all Section of Society / Serves all Taste Buds, Loved by all.

Kiosk / Cafe

Premium Design / Out Of The Box Idea / Economic Yet Classy / Attractive Menu (Tea & Food) / Quality Products / Mass People Catering / City Hot-Spot

Freshest Garden To Cup Tea

We are particular about all aspects of tea: Evaluating tea (both dry and steeped leaf) to quality standards in appearance, liquor, size, infusion, volume & tasting liquor for fine nuances in colour- smell-taste-mouth feel-body-texture. We take great pride in our trade. We are committed to keep the essence of tea intact and ensure quality standards and freshness. We house capabilities to cater to the Indian Tea market and the Global Export market. We are happy to collaborate with you for your Tea requirements from India. Should we do business together, be assured of the best service and quality standards.

Empowering Women

As we all know, a 'Genuine Man' worships Women as a 'Devi' (Goddess) / 'Tea Man' is focused on Women Empowerment / 'Tea Man', shall employ only Women, who need to become independent / 'Tea Man' shall donate 1% of it's profit to an NGO which works for Women empowerment. / 'Tea Man' offers special Discount for Women Franchise owners.

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