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Tea Master

Tea Master

Having been in the tea industry for over 30 years, what I’ve gained is ample experience. This experience added with my love for the job has given me many recognitions and achievements. I believe that a cup of tea is not just a beverage, it is much more. It is a portal to a soul-soothing world that refreshes every part of our body. In this quest to make tea more flavorful and gourmet in its essence, I’ve ventured into a journey of creating various tea blends that has garnered much praise and appreciation from across the globe.

I believe that even something as simple as tea leaves can create magic. A right recipe can rock any tea lover’s world and I’m here to make it happen. I’m experienced on different variety of cultivators like tea clones and seeds that is explored to make different assortment of teas according to their character. In the last 27 years, working in diverse tea regions and experiencing about several variety of tea format and its value addition has given me great impetus to try new things with this art of tea brewing.

My love for my job has also been honored by various awards, one of them being – The Ample of top Assam Tea Sale Price, awarded by CII King and Queen Contest in Green Tea category in West Bengal. I’ve also successfully launched the world’s first processed Olive Tea in Rajasthan. Other than this, Moringa Tea is another upcoming project that I’m working on. The goodness of Moringa, which is a superfood, fused with the delicacy of tea is something that I’ve looked forward to introducing to the world.

With Brewed Leaf, I’m going to challenge myself so that every day is a new day full of possibilities. When it comes to tea blends, I believe nothing is impossible. All you got to possess is the urge to make this business a little more sophisticated. Tea brewing is an art and I’m a proud artist of this growing trend in India. I believe that with a company like Brewed Leaf, that shares my level of love and dedication towards tea, I can make this industry more niche and sophisticated for the days to come. So look out for us!

Avijit Dey

Master Sommelier,

Brewed Leaf