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Our Story

Born in 2020, Brewed Leaf is the brainchild of Mr Vaibhav Jajoo, someone who believes that tea is not just a beverage, but an essential part of our culture. The idea came to him while he was working in the Hospitality industry. People used to often approach him and ask where he was from and his answer always filled them with a sense of wonder. Coming from Darjeeling, the Tea Capital of India, our founder was always passionate about making this home-known beverage healthier and more accessible for the people. The idea of Brewed Leaf’s conception stemmed from his sheer love and passion for tea. A tea connoisseur himself, Vaibhav is constantly looking for ways to bring about innovation in tea, striving to serve the Indian palate the best in each sip. Committed to strengthening the connection between the people who grow tea and the people who drink it, he believes that making the perfect cup of tea is an art in itself.


Meet Our Team

The core team of our company consists of our Founder & CEO, Tea Master and Company General Manager (CGM). Our Founder & CEO is Mr. Vaibhav Jajoo who is a tea enthusiast and a home-brewer himself. Followed by our Tea Master is Mr. Avijit Dey who has been working in the tea industry for more than 30 years and our CGM, Mr. Saugata Sen who has been working in the tea industry for more than 8 years.





Our Office

Brewed Leaf is a new age tea brand, which has its main office in Siliguri. Siliguri being a part of the Darjeeling district, acts as a tea hub and contains most of the tea companies of the country.


4th Floor, Om Towers, Near DDTS Petrol Pump, Siliguri, District - Darjeeling

Monday to Saturday : 10am to 6pm