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Health Benefits of Blue Tea

By :Brewed Leaf 0 comments
Health Benefits of Blue Tea

Blue tea is some of the rarest tea in the Indian tea market. If it wasn’t for Brewed Leaf, I don’t think I would be introduced to this amazing beverage anytime soon. So since I drank this elixir, (that’s what I like to call this magical concoction) I’ve been wanting to find out more about it. During this research process, I came across an abundance of health benefits! Since I’ve taken it upon myself to curate information and present it to you guys, here are the top 4 health benefits of drinking blue tea!

1. Packed with antioxidants:

Antioxidants are not only great for your gut health, but they do wonders for your skin and hair. Hence people who consume blue tea regularly have usually seen their hair and skin get better. It is a good idea to detox the body once in a while with an antioxidant-rich drink like blue pea tea.

2. Relieves Stress and anxiety:

Just like chamomile tea, blue tea is known to be a natural sedative that relieves stress and also helps you calm your nerves and treat anxiety. Studies have found that this calming effect that the tea gives to the consumer also aids better sleep. Hence, if you are struggling from any of the issues mentioned above, you should consider the consumption of blue tea.

3. Reduces high blood sugar levels:

Studies have shown that people who are diabetic and consume blue tea on a regular basis, have controlled blood sugar levels. Hence if you are diabetic and controlling your blood sugar levels even after following your doctor’s advice has been difficult, you should switch to beverages that will help you.

4. Boosts brain activity:

So this beverage is proven to be a nootropic by various studies, hence it boosts brain activity and also energizes you instantly. Since energy drinks are packed with caffeine, taurine and other such chemicals that is actually quite harmful if consumed frequently, turning to blue tea instead of your energy drinks is a very good and healthy idea.

So now that I have given you four reasons to try blue tea, I would like to share with you a magic trick! Did you know that if you squeeze in a few drops of lemon juice into your freshly brewed blue tea, it turns a darker shade of blue? It turns almost indigo! I swear I was so excited when I tried it first. You guys should give it a go too!

By: Shrija Bhattcharya

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